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Time for Bioethics to End Talk of Personhood (But Only in the Philosophers' Sense)
Vilius Dranseika & Ivars Neiders & Brian Earp
The American Journal of Bioethics. (pre-print). Link>>

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Sacrificing objects instead of persons: Order effects without emotional engagement
Emilian Mihailov, Ivar R. Hannikainen & Alex Wiegmann
Philosophical Psychology (Published online: 23 Apr 2023) . Link>>

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Experimental philosophical bioethics, advance directives, and the true self in dementia
Earp, B. D., Hannikainen, I., Dale, S., & Latham, S. R. (In press).
In A. De Block & K. Hens (eds.), Experimental Philosophy of Medicine. London: Bloomsbury. 
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Autonomy and the folk concept of valid consent
Demaree-Cotton, J., & Sommers, R. (2022).
Cognition, 224, 105065. Link>> 
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Bioethics, experimental approaches
Lewis, J., Demaree-Cotton, J., & Earp, B. D. (2022).
In M. N. S. Sellers & S. Kirste (eds.), Encyclopedia of the Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy. Cham, Switzerland: Springer. Link>>
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Experimental philosophical bioethics of personal identity
Earp, B. D., Lewis, J. Skorburg, J. A., Hannikainen, I., & Everett, J. A. C. (2022).
In K. Tobia (ed.), Experimental Philosophy of Identity and the Self. London: Bloomsbury Link>> 
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How social relationships shape moral wrongness judgments
Earp, B. D., McLoughlin, K. L., Monrad, J. T., Clark, M. S., & Crockett, M. J. (2021).
Nature Communications, 12(5776), 1-13. Link>> 
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Experimental philosophical bioethics and normative inference
Earp, B.D., Lewis, J., Dranseika, V., & Hannikainen, I.  (2021).
Theoretical Medicine and Bioethics, 42(1), 91–111. Link>> 
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Advancing methods in empirical bioethics: bioxphi meets digital technologies
Mihailov, e., Hannikainen, I., & Earp, B. D.  (2021).
American Journal of Bioethics, 21(6), 53-56. Link>> 
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Medical student assessment of pediatric patient pain as a function of perceived child gender
Reardon, A. W. T., Earp, B. D., Adreski, P., Monrad, J. T., Cohen, L. L., & Freed, G. (2021).
JAMA Network Open, 4(6), e2113010. Link>> 
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Experimental philosophical bioethics
Earp, B. D., Demaree-Cotton, J., [...] & Tobia, K. P. (2020).
AJOB Empirical Bioethics, 11(1), 30-33. Link>> 
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Personal transformation and advance directives: an experimental bioethics approach
Earp, B. D., Latham, S. R., & Tobia, K. P. (2020).
American Journal of Bioethics, 20(8), 72-75. Link>>
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Is conscious awareness required for facial pain detection?
Earp, B. D., Karos, K., & Heathcote, L. C. (2020).
Journal of Mind and Behavior, 41(1), 39-52. Link>> 
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A neuroeconomic framework for investigating gender disparities in moralistic punishment
Chawla, M., Earp, B. D., & Crockett, M. J. (2020).
Current Opinion on Behavioral Sciences, 34(1), 166-172. Link>> 
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Who are "we" and why are we cooperating? Insights from social psychology
Clark, M. S., Earp, B. D., & Crockett, M. J. (2020).
Behavioral and Brain Sciences, 43(e66), 21-23. Link>> 
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Gender bias in pediatric pain assessment
Earp, B. D., Monrad, J. T., LaFrance, M., Bargh, J. A., Cohen, L. L., Richeson, J. A. (2019).
Journal of Pediatric Psychology, 44(4), 403-414. Link>>
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Priming intuition disfavors instrumental harm but not impartial beneficence 
Capraro, V., Everett, J. A. C., & Earp, B. D. (2019).
Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 83(1), 142-149. Link>>
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Addiction, identity, morality
Earp, B. D., Skorburg, J. A., Everett, J. A. C., & Savulescu, J. (2019).
AJOB Empirical Bioethics, 10(2), 136-153. Link>> 
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Beyond sacrificial harm: a two-dimensional model of utilitarian psychology
Kahane, G., Everett, J. A. C., Earp, B. D., Caviola, L., Faber, N., Crockett, M. J., & Savulescu, J. (2018).
Psychological Review, 125(2), 131-164. Link>> 
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